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IKP Foundation Legacy

As a social entrepreneurship for the project: Interplan Knowledge Programme, a peace engineering initiative for knowledge sharing platform; we advocate intent-based philosophybehaviour, Informal insuranceand Relationship-based community. Since there is no democracy where there is no rule power,  for IKP Foundation, democracy summarizes in Social Justice and equity by practicing what bring people together: Truth, Justice and Solidarity.

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Democracy, Intrinsic corruption or Terrorism? Which one fits the best? and Who the cup fits?

Doctrine of emancipation

As a Humanitarian Engineering Research for the project: doctrine of emancipation for coalition development of citizen awareness and reconciliation of economy and ecology for ecological revolution; to defend democracy translates into answering to such a question:Why does the founder of democracy not tolerate those who dare to point out the harms and consequences of global democracy?

  1. First democracy means many things to many people from too many country;
  2. democracy is not always the best form of handling multilevel geopolitical issues: national, regional, continental;
  3. people can or may learn from others, but still should not be like them cause running a country depends on its geopolitical and political history, culture and circumstances…

This is an ongoing emancipation doctrine; although paradigm shift takes a lot of effort and time, is not an option rather a necessity.

Global democracy, a western myth?

Considering awareness of political justice, social justice and economic justice on the one hand and development and security on the other, Global democracy presupposes peace on a global scale, which is an illusion; to sum up, in the West and elsewhere, world democracy is a Western myth which can never be a source of peace since only values based on solidarity, justice and truth lead to peace, prosperity and world security.

Since democracy cannot be exported or even imported because it is practiced in an internal understanding specific to a people with its civilization. Otherwise, due to being based on geopolitical and political history, culture and circumstances…; which suggests that democracy is a luxury for the citizens of a country like Burundi. It can even be said that democracy does not correspond to the ideal of African civilization.

So, with the aim of getting out of the hegemony of imperialism and corrupt ruling elites, cooperation between states should be beneficial in terms of technology transfer to become actors of development. It is therefore not enough to proclaim and proclaim one's desire for independence; rather, it is necessary to take structural measures to create autonomous communities or societies. Structural measures are concrete measures including:

  1. Ideological intellectual measures,
  2. Economic and financial measures,
  3. Political measures,
  4. Geopolitical and geostrategic measures.

This suggests that in good cooperation, the States consider each other as humanities in their own right and not as humanities entirely apart. Since under such conditions, the transfer of industrial technologies for development and security would be possible.